In Memory

Philip Field

Philip was born on June 4, 1971.  One of four brothers, he had an engaging personality and a warm smile.  He had many friends at Mainland High School, and the class of 1989 was deeply saddened by the news of his death on Febrary 13, 1988 due to complications from the chicken pox.  He will forever be remembered in our hearts.  He was survived by his mother, Laura, and his brothers, Paul, Mark, and John.

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12/10/08 10:46 PM #1    

Renee Williamson (Haas)

Philip was a dear friend of mine - my 1st friend when I moved to FL. He was like the brother that I never had. I think about him often and miss him dearly.

01/29/09 08:26 AM #2    

Donna Butts (Victory)

Philip was such a good friend and easy to talk to. I remember going by his house with Keisha, and Tommy Lee, and we could talk and joke, just like we knew eachother forever. I still remember when Keisha called me to say that he passed, I couldn't believe it.

I still miss that smile and those blue eyes.

02/15/09 08:52 PM #3    

Teddy Griffin

Philip was a very good friend who I will never forget. He was outgoing and loved to help me play practical jokes on the ladies.... I'll miss you brother! Philip was the "Ladies Man"... God Bless you my friend!

03/09/09 09:12 AM #4    

Leigh Belkowski (Cloud)

One of the most tramatic events in my life was the news of Philip passing. I just did not believe it. I was leaving school, (skipping, as usual) and I ran into Philip at the lockers and he did not feel well at all. I remember asking, what is wrong and he simply replied...I do not feel well. He asked what I was doing and I said skipping and going to the beach...he just laughed and said...don't forget, when I get that candy apple red corvette, I am going to pick you up...(he signed that in my year book as well in jr, high) I laughed and said ok...feel better, goota run. That was a Friday and I received the call on Sunday from Allen Priest that Philip had passed away. Allen was always joking about things and I thought this was a very cruel joke until I called Preston Baty and he confirmed that it was true. I had not talked to Preston in 6 months...we had a falling out but on that day we got together...and cried for half the day and then laughed the rest of the day. We laughed at all the crazy memories we had with Philip. (No, I will not share those) We also talked how Philip had always patched things up between Preston and I when the two of us got into arguments AND he has done it his passing.
Many may not know this but I was in a very bad car accident after Philip had passed and on the day of my car accident I was skipping school AGAIN at the beach. At the beach I fell alseep and woke up to two hands holding me...a little one and a big totally freaked me out!!! But I felt the presence of my Grandfather and Philip. Preston and I went to the cementary that day to see Philip and I had my car accident that night. I was pushed off the road by another car, hit a revine and flew 60 feet, mid air into the middle of a utility pole. When the car finally landed, I had a broken nose, a totaled car and the pole went right through the middle of my window shield, missing my head/face by mere inches. I do not remember the accident itself...I do remember however, two hands holding me in the car. Belive or not beleive but I know that Philip had a hand on me. Police said they have no idea how I did not die in that accident...they said someone was looking over me. I have very fond memories of Philip...his cat Hamsh, he used to call me and play that Stevie Wonder song, I just called to say I love you and riding around in Preston's car with Philip. What I find interesting is that, so many people have so many stories to tell about their time with Philip. He was a great friend to all!I beleive that he was meant to impact many lives in his short time and in my opinion, he did and still does.

07/23/09 11:39 AM #5    

Paul Field

Thanks for posting this page for my little brother's memory. It means a lot and the responses were very touching. It's been 21 years, but sometimes it still feels like yesterday. I wish he could be joining you guys for your reunion. Have a great time! I know he would have.

08/03/09 10:11 PM #6    

Annette Moore (Massey)

I think of Philip every year at my birthday, his being June 4th, the day after mine. We were in school together since elementary and he was always such a sweet person. When we were kids we held hands and giggled, were school patrols together and mainly spoke about our cats...mine was Midnite and his cat who was lovingly named "Fatness" and yes, that cat was huge!
Philip was a jokester, a boy with a mischievous grin and a wonderful sense of humor. One thing I know is that he loved his best friend Tommy Lee like a brother and those two were inseparable. I can only imagine his family's heartbreak losing such a great son and just all around good person.
I remember the last time I saw him, leaning against one of those concrete posts near his locker, where he greeted me like a long lost friend and I greeted him haunts me because I just wish I would of hugged him.
Life goes so fast and we all lose touch and move in different circles, grow and change and move on, but those bright lights like Philip touch us and sometimes, sadly, they go out. I am honored to have known Philip and his smile always comes to mind ever so often when I am thinking of those who were a part of my life.

Thank you Philip for making me smile, laugh and appreciate every day I have on this earth.


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